Welcome to apply for registration as 3C EASY user! Before you register as a 3C EASY member, please read the membership agreement carefully.


When you agree to the 3C EASY user registration agreement and complete the registration process, you will voluntarily accept this membership registration agreement and become a 3C EASY user. If you do not accept this user registration agreement, please stop and exit the registration process.


This agreement is a contract between you and the owner of XXXXXXXXXXX. on 3C EASY services and other related matters. Please read this registration agreement carefully. The content of this agreement is legally binding on both parties.


Article 1

3C EASY terms of service confirmation and acceptance


1.1 The right to operate various services of 3C EASY belongs to XXXXXXXXXXXX. Users agree to all the terms of the registration agreement and complete the registration process before they can become official users of 3C EASY. User acknowledges that: the terms of this agreement are a contract for the rights and obligations of both parties and shall remain valid throughout the term of this agreement.


1.2 If the user clicks "agree" to this agreement, it shall be deemed that the user has confirmed that he/she has the corresponding right ability and behavior ability to enjoy 3C EASY service and place orders, and he/she can bear legal responsibility independently.


Article 2

3C EASY service


2.1 3C EASY shall provide users with Internet information and other services through the Internet in accordance with the law. Users shall have the right to use the relevant 3C EASY services provided that they fully agree to the agreement and the provisions of 3C EASY.


Please confirm once again that you have known and fully accepted all contents of this agreement, which is legally binding on both parties.

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